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The inspiration behind Diamond Medallion

This week, I have been working on the under-paintings for Diamond Medallion and Zig Zag Blanket. I’ve been focusing on establishing a tonal order in the skin and blocking out […]

Deco Diamonds is finished!

After a few months of hard work, the painting is finished!

Southern Issue #100

“Karen Ann Myers’s anxious, troubled figures are seen from above as they toss in their beds – a Hitchcockian point of view that signals a sort of existential helplessness amplified […]

New American Paintings!

I am thrilled to share that I am currently featured in issue #100 of New American Paintings. I have had a subscription for over 10 years (a whole shelf on […]

Diamond Medallion & Zig Zag Blanket

The under-painting for Diamond Medallion & Zig Zag Blanket is almost finished! I am really enjoying the acidic color palette of this one. I’ve also started to lay out the […]

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Deco Diamonds Update

I have been diligently working on Deco Diamonds for a few weeks now, on and off. The repeating diamond pattern in the background is finally finished! Now, onto the rest […]

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