Monthly Archives: January 2013

Diamonds on Paper

I love printmaking – all kinds (except for lithography!). The clarity and power of graphic work is something that I love to see in paintings (i.e. David Hockney’s 1960’s paintings). […]

140 radiating diamonds

I have been painting these radiating diamonds for 6 days now!!!! Each diamond takes 20 – 40 minutes (depending on how many light transitions go through it). There are about […]

Intimate Patterns

I’m super excited to have a solo exhibition at the Betty Foy Sanders Department of Art! The exhibition opened on January 14 and will remain on display through February 24 […]

Screen Printing Diamonds

Just finished printing my newest series of screen prints! I experimented with a bunch of different color combinations on three new designs. Process photographs below. DIAMONDS! To view the finished […]

Radiating Diamonds

Here’s a peak at what I’m currently working on in the studio. Lot’s of math to get the proportions right for the radiating diamonds.

Karen Ann Myers