Zig Zag Afghan and Triangle Rug

Zig Zag Afghan and Triangle Rug is finished! This is the largest painting I’ve made to date, coming in at 10ft x 7ft. Below is a step-by-step of the process. A Vintage Lathem Mechanical Time Clock recorded it all.


Detail of Crochet Blanket

I’m really enjoying painting in all the little details on this crochet blanket!


Ted Spagna is AMAZING

I’ve just discovered SLEEP by Ted Spagna. It’s a photo book of humans in their most vulnerable state. Ted gives us a peek at ourselves in a natural state of relaxation, with no conscious pretense or posing.

In 1975, Ted Spagna began a voyeuristic venture into “inner space,” exposing the secrets of human sleep behavior by photographing intimate narratives of sleeping figures with a time-lapse camera. Taken at fixed intervals throughout the night from a bird’s-eye view, and displayed in chronological order, the series of images reads like a silent film. From the erotic to the domestic, men and women alone, tender intertwined couples, and children are all psychologically and often literally naked as they dance within their sheets. Presented in brilliantly colored exposures, these sensual, cinematic images of dressed or undressed sleeping subjects depict the inherent beauty, rhythm, and organization of natural behavior.



I’ve Started Something BIG

Earlier this summer, I started the largest painting I’ve ever made; 10 ft wide x 7 ft tall. Here’s a sneak peek.

Karen Ann Myers