100 Under 100: The New Superstars of Southern Art

“Karen Ann Myers is a skilled painter who has created an impressive body of work that explores what it means to be a young woman, circa 2012. Her slim female figures are usually scantily clad, but they always look a little ill at ease, like they’re not quite at home in their own bodies. They sit or lie on their beds, or on the floor, both self-protective and flaunting—the epitome of the young woman whose bedroom is a cozy sanctum of extravagant surfaces (floral duvets, striped sheets, expensive wallpaper). Lost in their own little worlds—imagining future sexual conquests?—these virginal lovelies are nearly consumed by the glorious patterns and prints that surround them.” 

Words by: Pamela S. Wall, Curator of Exhibitions, Gibbes Museum of Art

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Karen Ann Myers