Lost in the details

I am always trying to challenge myself to paint things that are new and difficult, which hopefully makes me a better painter with each painting I create. I approach painting like a competition (me vs. the painting), and I conquer the painting by successfully rendering the objects inside. Today, I have met my match. The beautiful afghan in the painting Diamond Medallion and Zig Zag Blanket has defeated me! Over the weekend, I began the second layer of details. Typically, I am able to create a system for painting an area fairly quickly and then it will take a couple days to paint each object within the painting. After nearly 40 hours on the afghan, I’m not even half way to its completion. At the rate I’m going, I probably could have actually crocheted the 3D version. Based on the surface area covered per hour, my guess is that I will be finished with the blanket by the end of the week.

Karen Ann Myers