Photoshoots in the Bedroom

My bedroom, and more specifically my bed, has always been an important physical and psychological space. It’s interesting to note that the women in my paintings are not in their own bedrooms, but are actually posed in my bed. The rooms in my paintings do not exist but are fantasies of rooms that function as metaphors for an interior life. I design compositions by collaging different source materials together to create many combinations of bedrooms that hold objects that are significant to me or are part of a larger narrative.

 photoshoot 1e

I’ve rigged up a system above my bed that allows me to photograph my friends who model for me. My camera is zip-tied to a 8ft strip of pine. While standing on a ladder, I slide the camera to me and press the shutter. The camera is set up on a timer, which gives me 10 secs to position the frame perfectly above the model. The camera takes 10 photographs each time I press the shutter. At least 2,000 photographs are taken during each photoshoot. A single painting may use up to 50 photographs for reference. 


Karen Ann Myers