Simple studio improvement!

I have been anti easels for years. In graduate school, everyone painted directly on the wall. It made so much sense, because it didn’t take up any room in your studio, the viewpoint was never skewed and it’s significantly more stable than an easel. Ever since then, I have had small studios and can’t afford to take up floor space with the easel, so I have continued to paint directly on the wall.

Lately, I have been painting smaller and more intricately, which requires that I be closer to my paintings. I came up with a great (free) solution to the benefits of painting on a wall and using an easel (which allows the artists legs to be under the painting when sitting). A wooden shim and a screw makes a perfect folding brace for my paintings. I think it may have changed my life, haha! I call it a retractable propping device.

Karen Ann Myers