Studio Tour

I actually have two studios! One studio is located in the second bedroom of my apartment. My boyfriend, Tony Csavas (www.tonycsavas.com), is also a painter, and we share the “bedroom studio.” I tend to work on my larger paintings here. Tony is my “painting coach”, because he always provides helpful feedback when I am struggling on parts of the painting. It is important that we have a studio together, otherwise I would never see him!

My second studio is located at Redux Contemporary Art Center, where all of my friends are. This is where I create my screen prints and smaller paintings. There is an important social aspect to art making, which I gravitate towards. Artists working near or around other artists tend to inspire one another creatively and engage one another intellectually. There is a certain kind of motivation that occurs as a result of a group of people pushing themselves and that can have a positive effect on an artist’s studio practice. Artists working in isolation do not have the opportunity for constant feedback and advice. It’s important for me to be a part of a community of artists.

Karen Ann Myers